Monday, August 31, 2009


lunch at kampai.
a japanese food restaurant located near the old ocean.
they served nice food with resonable price.
worth to have a try.
our lunch:
spider roll,rm14.95
set lunch:
-salmon teriyaki,rm13.95

econ sushi,rm14.95

each set is given a miso soup.

thank you so much babyboy.
i know you brought me here cos you know i love to eat japanese food.
you always by my side when i sad and when i need you.
pacify and comfort me.
i love you.

Pizza Hut

Lunch express at Pizza Hut.
we ordered set for two,which included
-two drinks
-two soups
-1 garlic bread
-2 pizza
they offered sets for one pax and two pax.
it comes wit quite alot of options with different combination.
sets for one pax is rm7.95
sets for two pax is rm15.90 (rm18.90 included service charge and tax)


served in 15 mins or else free one more pizza.
(if im not mistaken)

Merdeka Day&Night Outing

Went to nora's house to meet up wit her and tai!
nora's papa cooked curry chicken for us.
hoho. and finally received my souvenier from nora.
she bought something for me at italy!
haha. after tat,baby brought nora and her germany host brother for makan.
suprisingly,he loves rojak. LOL.
capture some pictures wit nora dear using her papa's dslr.
but not nice,i mean im ugly.
so din get the pic from nora dear.
hopefully get to meet her next week again.
Went out wit babyboy,hui bin & jing jing as well.
met tai & li zhi also. and their fren,ivan.
yum cha at oldtown kopitiam,
then people suggest to change place to rum.
is the very first time i club wit my bff.
kind of excited.
LOL. anywhere really have a awesome night wit them.
thanks to everyone tat brought me laughter.
very less pictures,haha.
i went for so many outing.
yet no pictures! so sad.

pretty babe,jing.




i miss you TAI!

Farewell Party of Chooi Yee

Chooi yee is going to canada to complete her degree!
big clap for her. *whee*
went to her house for her farewell party.
so good to see her and meeting friends tat i had never see for a long time.
unfortunately, many of them still cant get to attend,
cos of stpm trial if im not mistaken?
but still enjoyed wit others.
eat alot and talk alot ofcos.
haha! the food is delicious.
prepared by her relatives.
ofcos the yummiest wan is the muffin chooi yee made by herself.
cant get to take any pictures.
so just post some pictures ages ago at our 5s4 reunion dinner.
i will miss you,chooi yee! haha.

high school besties.

looking forward to the next gathering!

off to dinner,will update another post later.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Caryndear!

Happy Birthday to YOU!
stay pretty and happy always.

i love you!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Went to Indulgence teatime wit my boyfriend and BFFs.
I agreed that tis is a nice place to hang out wit friends.
since the food here is nice & a comfortable environment for chit-chatting.
have a great time wit my lovers.
the restaurant.

earl grey tea:
pot for 2,rm8
pot for 1,rm6

hot milk,rm5

Baked Jacket Potatoes:
choice A & Extra filling

Chubby Brownie,rm7
(a lot of oats and nuts)

Banana Pudding with Single Scoop of Ice-cream,rm11

fudge on fudge wit single scoop of ice-cream,rm11



im sick of the quality of my pictures,wanna get a DSLR for myself soon!


David's Diner (2nd visit)

Baby and me paid the 2nd visit to David's Diner at Greentown Square.
we eagerly wanna try their burger so much.
the burger really taste very nice,
we are loving it!
go try my buddies,
you will never regret. haha.
so,here you go.

my lover.

david's diner.
honeydew juice, rm3.40

american lemonade,rm4

Italian Chicken Burger with 2 sides, rm11.90

mash potatoes with gravy.

chicken soup.

David's All American Cheese Burger,rm10.40

italian roasted potatoes

mushroom soup.


Outing on Saturday

Meet alot of friends on saturday.
feel kinda happy.
lunch wit hui sien dear at A-lai-i.
I din take any pictures of the food.
since i were sharing food wit her,
so pai seh to stop her by eating it.
After tat we went to kopitiam wit hong ken.
& hong ken fetch us to greentown to meet up wit kah fai and soon ken as well.
went to dinner wit babyboy at David's Diner again.
and finally.
yum cha at kopitiam again wit BFF,tai & lizhi.
din take pictures wit the foods except at David's Diner.
in fact i ate alot. aix
and also all the friends.
just get to take pic wit hui sien dear.
hong ken,no
kah fai,no
soon ken,no
even babyboy.
but is ok, since i alr get to see them.
pictures wit huisien dear:


hope to see you all soon,i miss all of my frens tat far away from me.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Currently using broadband.
the line is damn lag.
hate it, i cant upload my pics.
so will update my blog when i back to kampar.
& i hope that i can success.
since kampar line sucks too.
anywhere,i will be updating my weekends's activities.
-Outing wit huisien & hong ken, get to meet wit kah fai & soon ken too.
-2nd visit to David's Diner wit babyboy.
-Outing wit my girlfriends.
-Indulgence's teatime.
Stay tune buddies! mwahh!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


went to lunch wit babyboy at Bee Home Cafe before heading back to kampar.
A cafe just beside Citrus.
I wanted to try their siamese laksa,
unfortunately it only available during weekends.
But is ok, I will pay a second visit,
so stay tune.
Hopefully i have free time soon.
the cafe.

the decoration of the shop:

decoration on the table.

kopi-o ice.

honey jasmine ice.

sambal fried rice.

sharon's asam laksa.

banana toast.