Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vnam Kitchen Restaurant

Vnam Kitchen is located at Jalan Seenivasagam,
opposite the old Restaurant Oversea.
wat can i say is the food over here is awesome yet affordable.
and the waitress is so friendly! =)

Vietnam Specialfilter Coffee,rm4.50

Vietnam Iced Sour Plum Soda,rm3.90

Vietnam Combination,rm19.90

Vietnam Chicken Soup,rm5.90

Go to have a try,is worth.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ipoh Street Food

Ipoh's street foods are always the signature of Ipoh.
My university's friends from outstation always ask me to bring them to
cari makan at Ipoh.
Kinda happy to be the tour guide sometimes, cos i love to eat.
and also the chance tat i getting fatter and fatter.
Im going to introduce these,
i bet many ipoh people know actually.
the Guang Xing at Oldtown Ipoh.
Satay, rm0.60 per stick.

popiah, rm1.70

Chicken Rice,rm3.20

Chicken Slices Horfun,rm4.30

tata! more food post is coming out!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Black Canyon Coffee@Kinta City,Jusco Ipoh

Love to eat at Black Canyon Coffee!
their food is awesome,
especially the tomyum soup.
usually order their set lunch.
ice lemon tea hot and cold.
the set lunch for 4 person.
if im not mistaken is rm49.90,
not sure not sure. =p
the set lunch come with,
stir fried mixed vegetable with oyster sauce

spicy stir fried seadfood and hot basil

stir fried chicken with shitake mushroom

Last but not least,
the yummy chicken tomyum! my fav.

they also provided 4 steamed rice.
that's all for today,

Kizuna Japanese Restaurant

Kizuna definitely the best Japanese Cuisine i have ever try at ipoh.
my all time favourite for Japanese food.
really super duper nice.

cucumber maki,rm12

tamago rm4, tekka maki rm8, tamago rm4

tori terayaki rm12

kaki iri omelette no teppanyaki rm22


unagi bento rm28.80

Tori Terayaki Bento rm26.80

i love jap food.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Update.

Im flooded in the sea of midterms,assignments and presentation!
i dont have time to do wateva i want
and nothing to blog about.
Being so lifeless.
got so many foods to introduce yet no time.
So many pending pictures...
sometimes i dont even have the mood to take pictures.
I actually tour my uni friends at ipoh.
but none of a single picture is taken. =(
but i have got one post to update when im free,
at first is just an ordinary school activities,

but now it is a very memorable day for me,
cos tat is the last time i saw my old friend,
and our last conversation.
Is been 1 week plus after the incident.
No more hot topic among us,
but is still in my heart.
may you rest in peace.
Time flies,now is already mid of november,
very soon the favourite months of mine,
december and january are reaching.
hope tat everything will turn better,
and i will become the happy ELAINE.
Promise to update all my pending post after im free from all these school work.
im missing all my girlfriends,
are you all missing me too?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beacon Point

Beacon Point is located at Ipoh Garden East,
near Taman Perak.
the food here served wit light taste yet tasty.
suitable for people that looking for healthy food.
went there for the set lunches.
the cafe.

Foods's picture:
the set lunchie =)
Pasta'c Watercress and Cashenut,rm14.40

chicken'c sweet osmanthus sauce,rm15.80

the set comes wit,

the soup of the day.




Last but not least,

sorry people for the lack of updates,
especially for close friends that follow my post.
im lack of time because im in short sem now.
yet im taking 4 subjects *ki siao face*
and something super duper sad happened last week,
make me cant even do things in proper sequence.
but anywhere,
im ok d.
promise to update more frequent once i got extra time.
stay tune!
tata =)
Is raining,dont feel like going to the class. =p