Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gifts from Lumut

My boyfriend went to Lumut wit family last week.
and he bought me a very cute key chain.
couple keychain.



his love.


next post will be,
1) movie night
2)genting trip
3) Genting's Restaurants
4)Korean Restaurant,Yea Won
5)Chilling at Starbucks,Ipoh Parade
stay tune!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lunch at Moven Peak

Is a late late post. sorry people.
haha. my blog is like old newspaper now.
exam is killing everyone.
im finally free from exam *whee*
ok. i was having my lunch wit nora dear before heading back to kampar.
went to moven peak.
had a great chatting session wit her.
it really made my day. thanks dear!
the soups came wit the main course.
chinese style.

western style.

the cream soup is bit salty for us. hmm. no good.

Fried rice with stew cooked whole chicken leg,rm10.90

Sizzling Mongolian Lamb,rm11.90

the set includes one mango pudding and a cup of coffee or tea.
but mango pudding is not available tat day,they provided us ice cream.
Lastly,a picture wit my BFF.

dear,you will never know how much i miss you. mwahh!


Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant

Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant is the latest japanese restaurant in ipoh.
if im not mistaken.
the sushi is not bad. but i still prefer kizuna's cucumber maki.
but they really serve quality food.
as i think is not bad plus the environment is not bad.
went der wit few frens so get to eat in their room.

the restaurant.

inside the room



bamboo wallpaper.

comfortable seat.


Green tea(Cold)

Green tea(Hot)

Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll, rm5.80

Kushi Yaki Mori(5 sticks), rm 12.80

Special Chuchy Maki, rm 18.80

Goma Dragon Maki, rm 18.80

Kyuri Maki, rm 11.80

Chicken Teriyaki Jyu, rm 11.80

Oyakudon, rm 11.80

Sake Udon, rm 24.80

Sakana Bento(Fish), rm 25.80

im rushing to do my revision. so kinda messy tis post.
promise to update better and faster after my exam.

Cafe Takahashi at Kinta City,Ipoh

Cafe Takahashi located at Jusco,
it is beside kbox karaoke,Jusco.
the pretty deco.

blue coroko soda,rm6.90

pink guave juice,rm6.90

haagen dazs ice-cream!

mushroom soup,rm6.90



mushroom onsen tamago spaghetti,rm14.90
(my fren said normal ni,cant impress her.)

chicken and mushroom spaghetti,rm13.90

baby said tis is nice.

al'olio spaghetti,rm10.90
(personally think is nice if you love spicy food)


Monday, September 21, 2009


Dear dear is back from Tasmania.
get to meet up wit her and camenn&carlie ofcos.
is been long long time i cant meet wit her.
but we just get to see each other for 3 days.
very soon,bye bye again.
wonder when can i see her again?
my birthday? dont think she can make it.
aix,growing up just to separate wit all my BFF.
OKIE okie enought wit tis.
let's talk bout the happy moment. *whee*
Playing wit her cousin's balloon.
my favourite red colour!

breakfast wit her at cempaka's pasar.

chee cheong fun


fish-shaped agaragar by auntie.

after tat,is our lunch hour,
went to Japanses Cuisine,Akamomiji.

on the way.

picture of the day.

the forever genius,camenn.

she used to be my mui mui at primary school,dont think she still remember.

she is one of the people teach me the meaning of friendship.



They are frens tat i might be unable to contact often,but in my heart forever.

love tis picture of us.


thanks camenn!

they still call me Qian Ling. *whee*

After our lunch,we went to drink soya bean.
but my stomach already full,so i share wit camenn.


camwhore wit szeyen's camera. *too much flash!*

note: farewell dear,come back soon. Gonna miss you much!