Monday, July 27, 2009


Is monday.
before back to kampar,went to JJ wit baby a while.
buy stuff.
we planned to buy some bacon.
and also my new facial product.
lunch wit baby at Johnny's
thai food again?!?
haha. is ok,cos i love it.

tomyum soup.

golden mushroom rice.

1st class belacan. *nice*


honeydew ice-cream.

I decided to change my facial care product.
from body shop to clinique.
At 1st,i feel that body shop is good.
it really helps.
but after that my face start to immune.
swt. it doesn't help anymore or should i say not much?
ok,dont care d.
well,i want to say thank you to my mum so much.
i din really ask her to buy.
just joke wit her and pretend to be manja abit.
at 1st,she ignore me and even rejected my request.
but few minutes later,
she gave me money and said,
"girl,mummy sponsor you some k?"
I looked at it,more than half you know?
i pay so little for myself then can get whole set of it.
i feel really really touched.
And i bought a new scrub from TNS.
when i was about to pay,
baby paid it for me before i reach the cashier.
so, thanks to baby also.
My new babies:

cure my skin pls,i beg you. =)

a gift from you.

A big thanks to mummy and baby.
although tis wat i suppose to buy it myself.
but both of you sponsor me,
and it really help my financial status alot.
since i had overbudget so much,
for organizing bday party of baby and his pressie.
and not forgetting my beloved brother,
his psp.
so i am officially broke.



Sunday, July 26, 2009

JJ wit TAI.

Out wit Tai today.
my BFF, *lovesss*
whereelse? sure JJ d.
IPOH wert. cant ipoh has some new malls for us?
anywhere, we went to Black Canyon Coffee at JJ.
i love the food over der. *thai food fans*
sat der chat for extra long.
HAHA. and we went to take photo sticker.
cos i need all my BFF's pics in my purse.
so that i can take it out to see all of them,
when i am missing them. LOL.
went to MANGO also.
saw some tank top over der.
i love all of them, as all the colours are so nice.
but the colours which i prefer all dont have my size.
IS normal actually, i can only wear xs.
I hate my body and my skin actually.
I am not satisfied wit my height.
I hope to be taller. i want 168.
erm. but i got only 160.
my bf is so tall,as well as all my gf taller than me.
and i personally think tat my skin condition is so bad.
i look at the mirror, i feel that im so ugly.
so envy those girl wit 168cm and fair skin.
okok, enough wit all these.
shall share the pictures of the day:

camwhore pics:

love tis pic >>3


look so retarded.

our latest photo sticker.

hope to see you soon,TWX.
i will miss you always!

Friday, July 24, 2009


tis is the best morning i ever had perhaps after so long.
rain! so windy.
but my class at 9:30am. WTH.
I need them to call me tell me that they all are not going to class so badly.
but they din call me at all!
then i drag myself up from the bed.
prepared then start to misscall everyone that need me fetch them.
unfortunately no one gave me respond.
then i called yie huan for so many times,she din pick up.
i can guess wat happen d.
at the end, i finally get yie huan.
she told me she just woke up ==
SO? today just 3 of us going.
plus yie huan also cant wake up geh.
if i have know earlier. zzzz
but is ok.
i pampered myself after the class.
went to eat dim sum wit elora.
we sit der chat for very very long. LOL.
2 hrs?
and back home.
need to study econ later.
i dont want to create another disaster AGAIN.

chinese tea.

dim sum.

shanghai xiao long bao.

lobak cake.

=) fav.

wish me luck.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have my 1st presentation in degree at tis morning.
kinda nervous. =(
prepared until midnight the day before.
so basically sleep very late.
actually i dont really like today.
you know?
need to check ptptn status,presentation,
and one thing, the econ paper is issued back today.
as i have mentioned earlier,
is not an amazing result,
but at least havent a disaster.
yet i feel so disappointed to myself actually.
anywhere,back to the presentation.
basically not much problem.
in fact, is quite smooth. haha.
and again, at least not a disaster.
after the presentation, we went to kfc.
i ate alot, gain weight again.
and i really getting fatter.
i dont have the determination to lost weight at all.
then after tat fooling around at tesco wit my girls and xx.

my group.



my girls.

i want to have an elephant as pet. May I?



xx punya punishment? HAHA.




Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I dont know wat happen today.
I lost my hp cover,which is the original wan.
wth. even if i got money,
i dont thk i can buy it back anymore.
super depressed right now.
ppl around me dont seem understand my feeling.
I dont know where i drop it.
the parking lot of my uni perhaps.
I hope that i can see it the next day i wake up.
I miss my hp cover.
1st presentation for degree tomorrow.
wish me luck ppl.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


hui bin and hun chun both came back from k.l.
so as usual we took supper together.
and sure is "lou wong nga choy kei".
tis time a bit diff,we got more ppl to join.
me,baby,bin,jing,hun chun,soon and long-lost email zai.
haha, kinda happy actually.
cos often got funny conversation wit them.
cant take any pictures of the food cos too eager to eat d.
hehe,sorry ppl.
then, the most special thing happened.
LOL. I stomachache.
hun chun suggested me to pinjam toilet at syuen hotal.
LMAO. really 1st time i do tis.
so embrassed.
when i came out from toilet,
whole group of them discussing which is the next destination.
then me and jing took pictures der.


baby lover.

couple =)

and our 3rd destination is Island Red Cafe,
but soon din join us.
The interior design is kinda nice,
a nice place for us to yum cha.



jasmine tea

couples. *loves*

couple also?!?

note: hope to see them soon!


Thursday, July 16, 2009


class on wednesday.
we have 3 hrs interval btw the class.
so went to lab to do research for my assignment.
still got time to tea time at cafeteria,
take pictures in the toilet wit elora and ruh. ==
haha, yet we still able to take the front seat,first row.
for the very 1st time for this sem.
so proud huh. =)

wit my blue shorts. =)

horror movie of the year.

ruh shin.



sleepy me.


still drowning in the sea of midterms and assignments!
pls save me GOD.
tata,people. =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Back to ipoh right after management principles test.
we dont know where to dinner at ipoh.
baby drove for so long,finally we stopped at greentown.
our dinner:

earl grey tea.
house coffee.

mushroom soup.

sirloin steak.

cheese chicken.

then we went back to my house after dinner.
since tai and elora is going to my house.
baby decided to stay at my house a while also.
since there is no one at his house.
tai came,and brought me tis from redang.
awww,love her.

the next day,
went to parade to buy psp for my brother,
as his birthday present.
a brand new psp3000.
he waited for very long d.
and 1 thing,he choose red.
so high taste,good job my dear brother.
i love him,my only younger brother of mine.
i hope tis will be the best birthday present for him for tis year.
and im so happy tat he promised me will be a good boy.
love his family more and study hard.
his new psp.
dinner wit baby's family before heading back to kampar.
and im at kampar now.
back to test and assignments. =)