Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Forever Sweetheart !

Happy birthday to you sweetheart !
So sorry that i cant celebrate for you at the actual date,
i only able to come back during weekends.
i love you so much.
i will never forget the days we sat together at physics lab,
we had endless conversation.
you made my high school life wonderful, cos you put so much colour on it.

together we are ONE.

hope you have a bright future.
getting prettier and prettier !
p/s : i miss the song you sang to me last time =))

see you soon, mwahh !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Olivenz Cafe

Heyyy people.
there is one cafe i wanted to introduce to you all.
Olivenz Cafe at East. although this cafe already operating for long time,
but tis is the 1st time i went there.
overall this cafe is not bad.
the food's quality is above average, although there are still some distance compare to
citrus, indulgence.
the price of the food is much more affordable yet serve wit a quite big portion.


dragon fruit juice,rm4.90. tis is not fresh one =(

wild mushroom soup,rm3.90. although it tasted quite nice,i dont feel "wild" just ordinary.

mashed potato,rm5.80. tis one taste very nice !

chicken alio olio, rm10.90

ocean catch, rm14.80

last but not least, baby and i =p

tata !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kahve Cafe @ Kinta City, Ipoh.

Delifrance's place is replaced by a cafe,
Kahve Cafe.
went there for few times.
as the food's taste is above average, the price is reasonable and the portion is not really big.
it suits my diet plan now =p

the interior of the cafe.

Kahve milk tea, rm3.30

mashed potato, rm2.80

ham cheese and egg sandwich, rm5.30

chicken in homemade cream sauce pasta, rm7.80

Align Center
the pasta is definitely worth to try. is very nice =))


Sunday, January 17, 2010

20th Birthday Celebration

I had a very happy birthday tis year,
as my family, girlfriends and babyvoon are with me.
and is my first birthday party. ^^
i knew some of them purposely came back to ipoh for me.
1st of all, is my hou ji mui, wei wei.
she came to fetch me for dinner at pizza hut. and thanks for your dinner and birthday present.
i will use the lip gloss every often for sure.

After the dinner, baby came to pick me up and went to yum cha with kobe and suling.

so suprise that my mum asked me wear nicer and im allowed to back late,

when i told my mum that after yum cha, i will be meeting my girlfriends at tai's house.

i were not very happy actually, cos when i call jiatian. she seems like forgot tat my bigday is just tomorrow.

then when i reached tai's house, no one der.

and tai said : " bu hao yi si,my house no electricity "

then suddenly they all popped out ^^

i saw balloons on the ceiling and CUPCAKESSSS.

omg. i love them.

this is my 1st birthday party. im grateful that after 2 years, all my girlfriends are still with me.

special thanks to :

babyvoon, weixin, jiatian, nora, elora, min, gang, camenn, mei mei, lala, sue and uncle tai.

i knew you all tried your best to make my birthday a memorable day.

thanks for the suprise party and those presents you all gave me. mwahh !

the next day,

baby came to pick me up for lunch.

and he gave me a bouquet of bai he.

felt so suprise as i din tell anyone that i love bai he.

so tis is my first time to receive bai he. ^^

went to Fairway, Golf Club for my birthday lunch.

#for babyvoon,

thanks for organising the suprise party for me with my girlfriends,

the flowers, the presents, the cupcakes and the lunch.#

after the birthday lunch, went to yumcha wit babyvoon, jiatian and tai.

awww. so happy actually. i love to talk to them damn much.

no burden. i can tell wateva i want to.

went to birthday dinner wit family at momo cafe. steamboat.

wheeeeee ^^ most of them are back !

thanks for the dinner and angpaus !

the last celebration.

yumcha session wit baby and friends at folie-folie.

thanks for helping me take pics huibin gor and

the delicious cake from hun chun. yummiessss. =)

thanks everyone that contributed for my birthday,

i appreciate it alot. and i love you all.

my life is wonderful because all of you that care for me are around me.