Friday, February 12, 2010

Elora's Suprise 20th Birthday Party !

Let's begin this post wit,
Happy Birthday to you, Darling !

I planned this few days ago before her birthday.
i called all of my friends to join,
and ask tai to keep quiet,
just to suprise her.
Still remember the day before her birthday party,
i went to order the mango cheese cake that she craved for quite long.
On the day, no one entertain her. HAHAHAHA.
all gik her until she no mood.
but actually the preparation for her is so hangat.
baby went to help me buy drinks and collect cake.
after that, i went to buy kfc and fetch tai from ktm.
then fetched ruh, siew pheng, xiaoxiong and jia han come.

still remember when she saw all of us.
she cried. wow. HAHA.

so let the pictures tell the party !

Darling ! hope you love the present i choose for you.
dai gor lui la. must sang sang sing sing.
hope I can plan you a birthday party every year,
and be wit you until our last breath.

p/s : sorry for delaying this post. =))