Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Forever Love,Tai!

Specially dedicated this post to my BFF,
Ms.Tai Wei Xin.
A very happy birthday to you!
so sorry tat cant celebrate wit you today.
But have a blast!
birthday girl,
our early celebration wit her.

Our memories,
are more than words.
Nothing can replace wat we are.
We gone through so much.
We share each other's deepest secret.
Count down new year on phone
we promised each other tat we will not forget each other in the rest of our life.
dancing competition,
debate competition,
leo functions,
sitting by the beach,counting stars together.
penang trips,johor trip&cameron trip.
clubbing together.
Not only all these uncountable happy memories,
and not forgetting those sad memories tat make us grown up.
Is like all the best friends,
we quarrelled and din talk to each other for months.
but at the end we overcome all this,
and talk like last time!
And one of my serious car accident is with her. LOL.
all off these memories make our friendship grows stronger day by day.
me&my love one.

And last but not least,
I still keeping the stars you fold for me.
My tears still scrolling down,
everytime i saw the message you left for me in the bottle of the stars.
You said tat,I am the one tat let you know the meaning of friendship ,
and make you believe tat there are real friendship is this world.
thanks for telling me all these,
because this is important to me.
I love you forever!
wish you forever in happiness.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thai Food at Ground Floor of Ipoh Parade

The thai food stall is located at the previous Toy City.
is at ground floor.
simply love the food over der. is delicious!
Fried Prawn Cake.

Tom Yum Bihun

Seafood Kerabu

Pineapple Fried Rice

all rm5! haha.
go to try! tata.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tai's 19th Birthday!

Is my BFF,tai wei xin birthday!
she cant come back from kl on the day.
so she celebrated wit us few days earlier.
glad tat almost everyone make it.
and yet where is mei mei and shi woan? sobx.
and not forgetting tat the celebration was held at one of my favourite japanese cuisine!
had a really great night wit all my besties.
the order list,


the birthday girl,lover aku!

birthday song!

group pic of us.

the one i miss the most,ms.tian!


BFF Loves.

Camenn dearie!

my sweetheart forever.

sweetie gangx2

she is being forced by everyone to do tis. HAHA.

thanks photographer,Jia Tian!

my ji mui!

my soulmate BFF.

high school besties!



take 1

take 2

best friends!

aku punya gang dalam class!

*pretending photo*
lovesss picha.


love you two to the max from heart!

Came to my house after the party!
the important people of my life!

group 1

group 2 *winks*

the party is great because of the presence of V.I.P of mine!
hope to meet you all soon!
p/s: alot of great food to introduce!
stay tune stay tune!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Taiping Trip

Went to Taiping for one day trip.
Finally,meya fullfilled his wish,
paid a visit to zoo.
Went der wit baby voon,huey & meya.


Happy Deepavali!

lunch at sushi king.

Teik Chow's house.
celebrated birthday for him.

rushing out for partay!
will update soon. off,tata!