Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter's Eve & Easter Day.

Heyy people !
i have been mia for a whole month.
my March is boring shit cos I were drowning in sea of assignments and tests !
everyweekend, no entertainment, lifeless !
i had nothing to blog.
Finally done with all these, and my final is reaching.
pathethic life. ==
but then now im back with my Easter Day.
Went to Singberry with my BFF.
had a great yum cha session with them.
short but quality time =)
here are some pictures taken :

brownies *yummy*

thanks for loving me although im imperfect.

fav pic of mine.

i love you three to the maxxxx !

my noradear.

tai with her son XD
same attire !

on the way going back home =)

playing with nora's mum's sunglasses. =p

leopard lady. =)

my baobei tai.

Went to church attended Easter's Eve mass.

the next day,
Went to Scotch had lunch with mummy and brother for our Easter lunch XD

tata ! i will try to update more frequent. =)

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