Monday, January 25, 2010

Olivenz Cafe

Heyyy people.
there is one cafe i wanted to introduce to you all.
Olivenz Cafe at East. although this cafe already operating for long time,
but tis is the 1st time i went there.
overall this cafe is not bad.
the food's quality is above average, although there are still some distance compare to
citrus, indulgence.
the price of the food is much more affordable yet serve wit a quite big portion.


dragon fruit juice,rm4.90. tis is not fresh one =(

wild mushroom soup,rm3.90. although it tasted quite nice,i dont feel "wild" just ordinary.

mashed potato,rm5.80. tis one taste very nice !

chicken alio olio, rm10.90

ocean catch, rm14.80

last but not least, baby and i =p

tata !

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